Be Your Own Boss

  1. You begin with minimal start up expenses, unlike expensive franchises and other small businesses!!
  2. You do something; you already know how to do!!
  3. You work alongside your main job until you've created a large enough secondary income!!
  4. You blend your family, friends and fun with work and income, allowing more time for both!!
  5. You determine your daily activities; instead of someone else determining them for you!!
  6. You care about others and create a positive difference by contributing success to people's lives?
  7. If any or all of the above are true for you then, Moral E-Suvidha might just be what you've been looking for.

Dream & Goal

  1. Customers in every action, every day.
  2. Growing together, succeeding together.
  3. Continuous improvement through efficient & transparent services.
  4. People Development through sustainability programmes.
  5. Earning Trust through action.
  6. Provide support and empathy to all.
  7. Trust in relationship, build relationship.
  8. Delighted customers, inspired employees, enlightened partners, Energized society and healthy environment.
  9. Recognising the worth of individuals.
  10. Create Value for All.
  11. Making great things happen through Innovation and Education.
  12. In short Marking a positive and impressive impact on the world every day.

Who Can Be Part Of Us

Kanwhizz provides the alternative path to money and time freedom The following category of the person may join us :

  1. Those who are interested in knowing the better way of making.
  2. Those who are interested in breaking the theoretical limit of time i.e. acquiring Time leverage.
  3. Those who want to own their future.
  4. Those who dare to think that job is not the ultimate goal and, better ways of making future other than Job do really exist.
  5. Those who believe in the theory of attaining richness by enriching others.
  6. Those who think that no job is secure due to changes that are taking place in technology.
  7. Those who think that the word ‘Distribution’ is the magic word that holds the key to the wealth and freedom of the century.
  8. Those who are Action oriented and think that direct marketing system / technology is a friend not an enemy.


To grow to a global scale and become the benchmark in direct selling by 2020


To help people live a life of economic independence on their own terms